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Video rules the web, and any company without a dynamic video presence lacks the impact needed for today’s overwhelmed customer. Sierra Media is so much more than a video production house. We specialize in strategy, ideation and creation of brand and product messaging designed to engage and convert prospects into your customers.

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Where it all begins - creating a plan of action.

Strategy & Ideation

Bringing it from the drawing board to your screen

Directing & Producing

Music sets the mood. Sound effects add realism.

Music & Voice

Putting the final touches onto a video project.

Post Production


Our Work


Eventbrite – NYC Beer Week

Since there’s not enough craft beer in the Northwest, we had to go to NYC to find more. That’s what EventBrite had us do last February. NYC Beer week is just that, a whole week of beer events put on by the NYC Brewers Guild.

We were honored when they chose Sierra-Media to handle the video that would be many people’s first introduction to this amazing facility.


The Sierra Media Team


Daniel A. Cardenas

Creative Director/Founder

Hello, I'm Dan, founder of Sierra Media.

I live and work out of downtown Everett, WA. Creating immersive, engaging stories through video is my passion. Prior to founding Sierra Media in 1987, I worked as a director/ cameraman on numerous projects for the travel industry and in cable programming. This early experience couple with years of experience have equipped me with the vision and ability to take any project from concept to creation. My work has taken me around the globe, from the Alaskan mountains to the islands of Fiji and New Zealand, and run the gamut from a slew of punk rock and rockabilly underground music videos to projects for fortune 500 companies. I graduated California State University Long Beach with a BA in video/film production. When I’m not exercising, cooking or traveling, I’m always building something.

Travis Erdmann

Post Production Supervisor

Lexi Ryman

Marketing and Digital Strategy

Krista Quinby

Copy Writer


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