Sierra Media Monday – Ask Seattle

Media Monday – Ask Seattle

It's that time of year again! Students are getting ready to graduate from high schools and colleges all across the country. As they are doning their caps and gowns, they are making big decisions about their future. What happens next? In addition, it's the perfect opportunity to shed their old personas and try to find their unique identity. Were you a jock? A cheerleader? The captain of the debate team? Or were you a nerd? For this week's Media Monday, we found a video from NWL, where Kara hit the streets to find out how people in Seattle define a "nerd." How would YOU define a nerd? Be sure to check out the video and see if your definition jives with theirs.


VoxPop: Nerds. Our VoxPop team hits the streets of downtown Seattle to get the voice of the people. This time we wanted to find out what a nerd is? Seattle has become known for its increase in nerd culture, from Emerald City Comiccon to other weird science events, so we wanted to see who these people are. We asked around and to figure out what the people of Seattle consider a nerd and we came up with anything from glasses and pocket protectors to just being passionate about something. We also wanted see who thought they lived up to those nerd standards and considered themselves a little nerdy.

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