Sierra Media Monday’s – Fluke Network’s “Dang it” Campaign

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It's that time again. This week we chose Fluke Network's "Dang it" Hot Yoga video for our Sierra Media Monday. How many times have you been distracted and forgot something? Maybe you forgot to link your report to the company website. Or maybe you forgot to press send. Maybe you forgot the report altogether. Monday's can be awful as it is and being distracted doesn't help matters. Its important to have a way to monitor projects while you are away from your desk. Do you need a video campaign for your office to remind your employees to stay focused?

Truth is, we all have those “Dang it” moments. This week’s featured video is part of Fluke Network's “Dang it” campaign. With Linkware Live you can check projects from your phone. Do you have an easy way to check on projects while you are on the go?




Techs getting distracted again? Avoid those 'Dang it' moments with real time results straight to your phone with LinkWare Live. Visit Fluke Networks for more information:

Check out the video and make sure you aren’t missing something now that will make you say “Dang it” later.

For more Media Monday videos, be sure to check back next week.

Same day, same time, same place.

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