On location with Sony F55 on Dana Dolly

On location with Sony F55 on Dana Dolly


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Copywriting +Storytelling + Editing + Interviewing + Research

Whether you already have a script in hand or just an idea and a lot of questions, we’ll help you get on the right path to creating a great video. Even “simple” how-to videos can benefit from knowledgeable execution. After a draft of the script has been passed around and stakeholders have made their comments and requests, we go back to the original scope of the project and make sure everything is aligned. Our team has the experience to know the difference between what reads well on the page, and what will look and sound great in your final video.

Looking for the full marketing services? Our on-site partner company, BakerBuilt Works, can help you better understand your audience and market your product or service with video for maximum impact. 


Production Management + Studio + Wardrobe + Location Scouting + Interview Prep

Lights, Camera, Action? All of that and wardrobe, too. Whether we’re shooting in our studio or on location, a lot goes into preparing for a professional quality video production. We usually start with a tech walkthrough on location with the crew and someone from your facility. Even if we’re shooting in the studio, we’ll talk through the technical aspects of the shoot.

DSC02206We like to make sure everyone is on the same page in terms of creating sets, sourcing props, hiring talent and prepping for shoot day. On location, we need to know lighting circuits, the best place to load in and out, restrooms and/or dressing rooms, transportation, and other logistics. We’ll also address any special requirements for sound proofing; it’s amazing how loud it can get in a “quiet” office! We nail down every detail so we cause as little inconvenience as possible and get the shoot wrapped quickly and efficiently. Working in the trenches doesn’t have to be a nightmare.


Videography + Green Screen + Corporate +Training + Lighting + Audio

The big day arrives! We’ll load in and light the set first and, depending on where we’re shooting, it could take a while. The director will be clutching the script you approved along with a shooting schedule and shot list. This is not the time to be changing the script if you want to stick to the schedule & budget.

Plan for multiple takes of each scene and at least an hour between setups if we are moving between locations within your facility. Depending on the size of the production, there are usually 3-5 crew members including a director, DP/Cameraman, Sound recordist and a Production assistant. Some shoots call for a larger staff, with additional cameras and possibly a make-up artist (even the guys will be grateful for that powder once the bright lights heat things up).

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals. If we come off a bit standoffish at first, it’s that we’re here to do a job and we have to be very focused so that nothing gets missed, especially if we’re running a tight schedule. Usually if things are going smoothly and by the schedule, everyone loosens up a bit after lunch!


Editing + Animation+ Motion Graphics +Titles & Subtitles+ Compositing+ Sound + Special Effects + + 3D

Post-production is the term for everything that happens after the actual shooting of the video and, believe us, that’s a lot. We’re not saying our editors are magicians, but they do wear hoods and work in the dark…Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 10.34.47 AM

In truth, most of the magic happens in post; that’s where the story really comes together. Music sets the mood. Sound effects add realism. Motion Graphics make it shine. Voices need to be heard (and understood). On that note, we also have an array of voice talents for narration.

Our studio is equipped with a sound room for voice-overs and voice-only podcasts, and we have a full suite of audio recording equipment for any project. These days, the accessibility of video cameras can give anyone delusions of directorial grandeur. Among the (very good) reasons for hiring a production company are the importance of quality sound and competent editing for every project.