We see every company, every event, and every product as a story waiting to be told, and we know video is the most compelling way to tell it. We’d love to learn your story, and help create a video that works for you.

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We specialize in awesomeness. No matter your industry or business, we’ve worked with a lot of different companies and they’ve all had the same experience working with us. We’re especially well versed at telling stories of real people and real things. Not to say we can’t make up a bunch of stuff or do movie magic, but using lifestyles to tell stories is in our DNA (That’s Dan’s name, juxtaposed) Take a peek and let us know what you think. Don’t see anything you’re looking for? Contact us.


A behind the scenes look at Sierra Media.

We like to look at our clients as partners in a creative partnership. We work with you to develop the scripts for your videos or take your ideas and make them better.  All of it in a very seamless and efficient way, with no attitude. From commercial campaigns or using action sports for a software company, we’ve done  interviews, 3D animation and special effects to tell your stories. We consistently deliver compelling video completed, on time and on budget.